What makes us human after all? MODU’s insight is grounded in research of collective weathers, indoor urbanism, and the incomplete whole


Collective Weathers

MODU defines a new sustainability—one that uses collective action to change daily attitudes about the environment. Architecture adaptable to different environmental conditions redefines the nature(s) of, and in, our cities. We strengthen the resilience of our communities by mediating, rather than separating from, everyday weather. Collective Weathers creates a cultural awareness of climate within our physical world. 

Indoor Urbanism

Architecture is not simply the middle scale of the built environment; it is the intersection between urban and interior scales. Merging these two opposing scales prompts barriers around architecture to recede, changing how we experience weather in our cities and in the interior spaces of buildings. MODU uses new technology—environmental software and data science tools—to strengthen connections to the human experience of Indoor Urbanism.

Incomplete Wholes

MODU has conducted extensive research on the incomplete city, taking incomplete projects in cities around the world as catalysts for urban transformation. The incomplete is also integral to our design approach: architecture itself is always incomplete, embodying many potential scenarios and never a fixed outcome. While the incomplete cannot be completed, it can perhaps be made whole in the connection of people with the environment. This concept of Incomplete Wholes is the foundation of a truly collective experience.  
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