Soundstage / Los Angeles
Frog Design
Commercial Interior
2018 / 4,000 sq. ft. 

Soundstage is a new way to interact with technology — bringing together the social connectivity of the digital realm with the sensations of physical space. The project, which was designed for a major telecom company in Los Angeles, is an experimental environment that explores the future of retail. Soundstage reimagines retail space as a platform for social collectivity and shared media experiences. There are no physical products for sale in the space, instead visitors experience immersive new technologies — Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and video recordings — as well as live performances.

Collaboration: Frog Design with MODU (Architecture Partner) 

Liberated from the requirements of displaying merchandise, Soundstage provides its users with a reconfigurable, open-air interior designed for their well-being. The space is capable of transforming to accommodate a range of different uses, from hosting multiple simultaneous events to hosting a single launch event. The retail interior also extends into its urban surroundings. Visitors experience the outside from within through a fully open building envelope. A bleacher can also be moved outside, allowing interior events to directly engage the public.
The central gathering space can be reconfigured several times a day with the aid of mobile theater scrims and motorized bleacher seating. The media technologies are designed to be experienced collectively; large screens share what is seen by each user, stitching individual experiences together in a democratic and constantly changing environment.

Project Team: Rachely Rotem, Phu Hoang, Zhenwei Zhong, Sadie Dempsey