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Incomplete City / Italy
Research and Exhibition

The Incomplete City is not a singular place; it refers to a web of incomplete structures that dot cities around the world. In the wake of the global economic crisis, the question arises: what can be done about this urban phenomenon of half-finished visions? 

In Italy alone, there are over six hundred of these structures, some of which have been vacant for nearly thirty years. From Rome to Milan to Sicily, Italy’s Incomplete City was documented extensively, in both videos and photographs, before being exhibited at the American Academy in Rome. The deeper the Incomplete City was researched; the more questions were raised: What does it mean for architecture to be complete? Is architecture ever be truly complete when sites, programs and their climate are never static? Can designing for the incomplete become a final architectural act?

Rather than view these incomplete projects as reminders of past failures, they are presented as opportunities for new beginnings; open-air structures that demonstrate the potential of architecture to adapt to its environment. These thermally dynamic spaces, open to both re-imagination and the elements, allow nature(s), urbanism and architecture to be experienced simultaneously.

Awards: Winner, 2019 Emerging Voices Award

San Cristoforo Station

Consagra Theater