Heart Squared / New York
Times Square Arts and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum 
Public Art
2020 (Anticipated) / 250 sq. ft. 

As the winning entry of the 2020 Times Square Heart design competition curated by the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Heart Squared is an abstracted heart formed from a cubic steel lattice nearly ten feet high. Suspended within the open lattice, hundreds of mirrors reflect a kaleidoscopic array of the surrounding urban spectacle of New York’s Times Square. Kaleidoscopic images reflect the urban life of Times Square — tall buildings, brightly lit billboards, and the many kinds of people.

Collaboration: Eric Forman Studio
Award: Winner, 2020 Times Square Valentine Heart competition

Heart Squared is also an urban anamorphic projection—a large mirror array creates a pixel “emoji” heart from hundreds of reflections; this heart is visible only from a specific location, allowing multiple people to experience it at once. It is made of many reflections of buildings, billboards, and people, surrounded by a field of pure sky. Even in one of the densest urban spaces in the world, day or night, it is possible to find the sky above.
Fundamentally inclusive, Heart Squared brings people together to discover the heart within, a heart that reflects anyone and everyone who engages with it. During day and night, Heart Squaredsurprises and delights by bringing skyscrapers, bright lights, and people’s faces together with unexpected glimpses of New York City’s skies. In Times Square, a space of urban spectacle, the installation encourages the public to interact spontaneously with one another while also finding their own experiences with the artwork.

Project Team: Rachely Rotem, Phu Hoang, Jiri Vala, Brenda Lim, Tom Sterling

Credits: Silman (Structural)
Copyright 2019 by MODU Architecture, PLLC