Friends Co-Working / Brooklyn
Friends Work Here
Office Renovation
2014 / 4,000 sq. ft.

Friends Work Here is a co-working community of creative professionals — including artists, sculptors, designers, filmmakers, photographers, developers and writers — working out of the Invisible Dog Art Center in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. Their open, multidisciplinary workspace was designed around their belief that “collaboration is good for the soul.”

Collaboration: Tina Roth Eisenberg 

The interior is divided into two halves with the work spaces on one side and the kitchen, bar, meeting rooms and lounge on the other. The halves are minimally separated by a wall of glass, which improves the acoustics of the space without visually separating the people. The transparent glazing also ensures that the interior is well lit, as natural light flows uninterrupted from three sides. The airy atmosphere and expansive spaces foster collaborations between disciplines, as co-workers naturally discuss the overlaps in their work.

Built within an old industrial building, Friends Work Here Co-working is a contemporary space within a historic setting. The interiors — featuring original wood floorboards, an existing timber structure and reclaimed furniture — has a deliberately unfinished feel. The interior is un-manicured, allowing the workspaces to remain flexible, adapting to a variety of creative endeavors. This raw aesthetic was vital in creating an atmosphere where all kinds of work is possible.

Project Team: Phu Hoang, Rachely Rotem
Credits: Tory Williams (Photography)