How do we live better? MODU impacts people by linking the future of living to the social and environmental fabric of our cities

It Is Human Nature to Act Collectively

Collectives of all sizes form when we act together. MODU forges connections between people and with nature(s). Our idea of a new sustainability redraws physical boundaries, creating engaging environments while reducing energy use. Often designed through the medium of weather, our work links individuals to collectives and communities to cities while adapting to a changing climate.      

Design for a Common Good, Create Common Assets

Every city has countless sites that have not reached their full potential. They may be underutilized, partially occupied, or simply vacant; together they represent a wealth of untapped opportunities. MODU maximizes value with cost-effective designs, revitalizing properties and transforming them into exciting, healthy places. Whether through new construction, adaptive reuse, or renovation, our work transforms the daily experience of the city.

Collaborative Thinking for Design Impact

MODU directs a community of curious, creative minds in a think tank that intersects culture and industry with technology and the environment. Our collaborative approach and shared cultures strengthen design solutions with innovations from the sciences, social sciences, technology, and art. This unique range of expertise helps us address the multiple roles design has in society, mobilizing our research on the future of work and living.

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