Client: Private Client

Type: Loft Renovation

Size / Date: 2,000 square feet / 2013

“Inside Light” is a three-bedroom loft in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York. The “deep” floor plan of a typical New York loft has naturally lit areas in the front and rear with dark and unlit spaces in the middle. Often, this darkened middle area is relegated to the service functions of the loft. The center of the “Inside Light” loft is an open kitchen, the activity hub for a home whose owners enjoy cooking. As a result, the design strategy for the “Inside Light” loft required inverting the typical loft arrangement in order to transform the central area into a bright and active space.

From the front and rear windows, a series of mirrored surfaces subtly reflect light towards the center. Reflecting natural light on mirrored surfaces is combined with translucent glass walls—together, these materials create naturally lit spaces throughout the home, reversing the layout of the typical New York City loft. “Inside Light” was completed on a fast track schedule with a phasing of design decisions made into the construction phase. Careful project management delivered a completed project on schedule and on budget.

Design Milk, Online (March 2014)

Project Team: Phu Hoang, Rachely Rotem, Pratyusha Viddam

Credits: Naho Kubota (Photography)