Platform / Milan
American Academy in Rome
Urban Revitalization 
2017 / 5,000 sq. ft.

Rapid social change and technological advancements are transforming the way we work and learn; redefining roles and reshaping workspaces. Platform is an open-air building designed for the future: part of an initiative to revitalize incomplete urban landscapes. Its occupants interact, without barriers, in an ever-changing environment that is part workshop seminar, part urban plaza, and part co-working office.

Collaborators: TransSolar (Climate Engineering), Kristi Cheramie (Landscape Architecture)

An alternative future is given to an incomplete concrete frame, one of many on the outskirts of cities in Italy, transforming it into a social place for learning and collaborating. Intended to be a train station and designed by Italian architect Aldo Rossi, the reimagined open framework encourages dialogue between strangers and cooperation among colleagues. The “interior” contains a variety of flexible spaces — the Workshop Line, Learning Plaza, Tower of Air, Room of Doors and Multi-Stages — for both individual and group endeavors.

In the past, workers would aspire to a corner office with a view. Instead, Platform offers them an exciting alternative: a view without corners. The unique climate of Milan allows for an open building envelope; the concrete frame surrounded only by a metal mesh. Within, micro-climate design offers a range of thermal conditions, each with its own social collectivity. In the warmer months, climbing plants overtake the mesh, creating verdant and shady workspaces. As the temperature falls, solar heated furniture and radiant ceilings directly warm people without wasting energy by warming the air around them.

Workshop Line
Tower of Air
Room of Doors

Project Team: Rachely Rotem, Phu Hoang, Daniele Bobbio, Shu Du,  Margarida Osorio
Credits: Alberto Novelli (Photography)

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